Stressless Madeira is a classic, rectangular and sturdy no-nonsense dining table. Choose between a convenient integrated pull-out system that extends the table surface by 80 cm, or up to two separate leaf inserts of 50 cm each. The leaf inserts are stored under the table when not in use. It's available in natural oak or walnut, and with a matt-varnished topcoat. It also has two different leg options available.


  • Intergated-leaf system or add separate leafs*
  • Finish: Natural or Whitewash Oak; Walnut Stain or Black Finish
  • Curved (T100) or Flat (T200) Edge.


Stressless® Madeira:

  • W: 69″ H: 28½" D: 37½"

Stressless® Madeira with Integrated Leaf:

  • W: 100½" H: 28½" D: 37½"

Stressless® Madeira with Leaf inserts:

  • 1 Leaf Insert – W: 88¾" H: 28½" D: 37½"
  • 2 Leaf Inserts – W: 108½" H: 28½" D: 37½"

* The leaf inserts are manufactured and supplied separately, and so will not have 100% matching veneers.